Al A. Peterson
Number of Appearances 4
Played by Paul F. Tompkins
First Episode 2016 Tour, Austin
Latest Episode Live from Vulture Fest 2017

Al A. Peterson is a character played by Paul F. Tompkins. He is known as the "Smooth Criminal" because he is a convicted felon and is also completely hairless. He is hairless because he faked alopecia to get out of a long-term relationship with his previous girlfriend, Carlifer, which is a clumsy portmanteau of her parents' names, Carl and Jennifer. One night at dinner, he told Carl his feelings about the clumsy name, and Carl, a sniveling worm, thanked him. This all occurred while Jennifer was drinking her third bottle of vermouth of the evening.

Al runs a business that helps people fake their own deaths, advising his clients to shave virtually all of their body hair and giving them a fake passport. After that, they're on their own. He also has a seasonal business during the Holidays that helps keep the wonder of Santa Claus alive for young children. All the parents have to do is shave all of their hair (retaining, of course, their anus hair), and wear a Santa costume. Al, in an astoundingly quick turnaround, then makes a wig out of the now shaved hair.

He is being hunted by his ex-girlfriend Carlifer because he took a favorite hoodie of hers.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
Live from Vulture Fest 2017 5.20.17 Big Sue, Marissa Wompler, Miss Listler, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Frederick Rogers, Kenneth Rogers Lauren Lapkus, Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, Anthony Atamanuik, John Gemberling, Ryan Gaul, Drew Tarver
463: 2016 Holiday Spectacular 12.12.16 Gino Lambardo, John Lennon, Gary Urbansky, Ron Urbansky, The Time Keeper, Frosty the Snowman, Norm Hamer, Ming, Keith Jones, Jesse Ventura, Dr. Green, Victor Diamond, Tiny, Willard "Willy" Mapleton Jason Mantzoukas, Jon Gabrus, Mike Hanford, Tawny Newsome, Tim Baltz, Neil Campbell, Rhea Butcher, Will Hines, Ryan Gaul, Jeremy Rowley, Drew Tarver, James Adomian, Zeke Nicholson, Brendon Small
438: Hair Take It 8.8.16 Cameron Esposito, Rhea Butcher
2016 Tour, Austin 5.18.16 Traci Rearden, Archie Butts Lauren Lapkus, Mike Hanford

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