August Lindt
Number of Appearances 6
Played by Andy Daly
First Episode Free Subarus for Moms!
Latest Episode Prince and John Popper

August Lindt is a character played by Andy Daly who has appeared on the podcast as well as the TV show. He is a German pretzel maker from Düsseldorf.

During a three-month vacation, August traveled around the United States where he visited various places, including Epcot, the Comedy Bang! Bang! studio, and Graceland, where he got arrested for sneaking into Elvis's bathroom. He has talked of his plans to commit suicide by tying himself to the Hollywood sign and setting himself on fire.

He is the host of a podcast pilot The Travel Bug with August Lindt featured on The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
475: Prince and John Popper 3.13.17 Gino Lambardo Jon Gabrus
300: Oh, Golly! You Devil 7.21.14 Chip GardnerDalton WilcoxBill CarterGollyHot DogByron DennistonCactus TonyDon DiMelloPatrick McMahonAndi CallahanClive Dundee, Danny MahoneyBen Alterman Jason Mantzoukas
148: Wipeout! 3.12.12 Dalton Wilcox Jason Mantzoukas
Bumbershoot 2011, Day 1 9.3.11 Mr. Brainwash Anthony Jeselnik, Paul F. Tompkins
Best of 2010 12.26.10 Bob Ducca, El Chupacabra, Huell Howser, Ice-T, Danny Glover, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Cosby-Bukowski, Garry Marshall, Frasier Fonzie, Good One Robot, Molly's Mother, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lil' Gary Paul F. Tompkins, Brett Gelman, Seth Morris, Nick Kroll, Reggie Watts, James Adomian, Jon Daly, Tig Notaro, Tom Lennon
59: Free Subarus for Moms! 6.25.10 Todd Glass, Paul F. Tompkins

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