Bill Carter
Number of Appearances 3
Played by Andy Daly
First Episode Introducing Rocky!
Latest Episode Oh, Golly! You Devil

Bill Carter is a character played by Andy Daly. He is an elderly personal trainer to the stars and classifies himself as a wizard because he can work magic with people's bodies. 

He is the host of a podcast pilot Get Fit Now with Bill Carter featured on The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
300: Oh, Golly! You Devil 7.21.14 Chip GardnerDalton Wilcox, Hot DogGollyByron DennistonCactus TonyDon DiMelloPatrick McMahonAndi CallahanClive DundeeAugust LindtDanny MahoneyBen Alterman Jason Mantzoukas
148: Wipeout! 3.12.12 Dalton Wilcox, Don DiMello, Hot Dog, August Lindt, Danny Mahoney, Patrick McMahon, Clive Dundee Jason Mantzoukas
74: Introducing Rocky! 10.6.10 Patrick McMahon Jason Mantzoukas

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