Number of Appearances 5
Played by Matt Besser
First Episode Four Douche Episode
Latest Episode 2014 Holiday Spectacular

Bjork is a character played by Matt Besser who has appeared on the podcast and the TV show.

In 465: Harsh Joe Pinions, Matt Besser announced that he was retiring Bjork, but specified that he was retiring the actual singer Bjork, who he hired in the 1980s to form the basis for his character, but would be continuing to perform his character Bjork. This is neither a prank nor a goof.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
326: 2014 Holiday Spectacular 12.15.14 Ian Fleming, Len Wiseman, Victor Diamond, Tiny, Logan Conley, Ho Ho the Elf Aimee Mann, Ted Leo, Paul F. Tompkins, Brendon SmallJames AdomianLauren LapkusMatt Besser, Neil Campbell, Matt Gourley
191: 2012 Holiday Spectacular 12.17.12 Ice-T, Bill Cosby-Bukowski, Liz Harris Wittels, Paul Rust, Paul F. Tompkins, Jon Daly, Nick Kroll
2012 Tour, Minneapolis 7.29.12 Jesse Ventura James Adomian
146: Climbing the Ladder 2.27.12

Ben Schwartz, Reggie Watts

15: Four Douche Episode 8.7.09

Natasha Leggero, Steve Agee

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