Canadian Apparel
Episode 297
Vital statistics
Release date June 30, 2014
Hosted by Scott Aukerman
Guests Nathan Fielder
Joe Wengert
James Adomian
Characters Brad Hammerstone
Dov Charney
Episode guide
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Taking the Bladder Out The Hotwives of Orlando
The shortest distance between two points is a straight lime. "Canadian Apparel" is episode 297 of Comedy Bang! Bang!. Hosted by Scott Aukerman, it stars guests Nathan Fielder, Brad Hammerstone (Joe Wengert), and Dov Charney (James Adomian). "Canadian Apparel" was released on June 30, 2014.

Official Earwolf page

Earwolf SynopsisEdit

Comedy titan and the titular Nathan Fielder, star of Comedy Central’s Nathan For You is back on today’s Comedy Bing! Bong! Nathan tells us a bit about season 2 of Nathan For You, his recent obsession with reflections on Instagram, and swears that he knows more than 500 words. Then, Brad Hammerstone waddles into the studio to talk about what has happened to real men. Later, the recently fired Dov Charney returns to explain the truth about being fired from American Apparel. Dads, grads, get out of here!


This episode refers frequently to Jazz Jazz the Barber from Nathan Fielder's previous appearance in 205: Titans of Comedy.

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