Carol Sheldon
Number of Appearances 1
Played by Erin Whitehead
First Episode Golden Duchess Cruise Lines
Latest Episode

Carol Sheldon is a character played by Erin Whitehead. She travels a lot with her friends Marla Charles, Pam John, and Margie Donk. She role-plays the TV series Roswell with her husband. She doesn't have a lot to think about, but she does know twenty different facts (including the names of her travel friends). Only ten of these facts have been brought up at this point. Her husband refuses to tell her what he does for a living.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
324: Golden Duchess Cruise Lines 12.1.14

Marla CharlesMargie Donk, Pam John

Colin HanksLauren LapkusMary Holland, Stephanie Allynne

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