Charles Barkley
Number of Appearances 2
Played by Bobby Moynihan
First Episode Tall Napoleon
Latest Episode 2012 Tour, New York Pt. 2

Charles Barkley is a character played by Bobby Moynihan. He co-writes a lot of films with Fagin Platt. His parents are Barkley, the dog from Sesame Street, and a pair of Oakley sunglasses.


List of Appearances
Episode  Release Date Characters

Other Guests

2012 Tour, New York Pt. 2 8.7.12

Fagin Platt, Huell Howser

Tim Heidecker, James Adomian
130: Tall Napoleon 11.7.11

Fagin Platt

Elizabeth Laime, Jenny Slate, Bobby Moynihan 

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