Closing Sentiment-Off is an occasional segment on the podcast featuring JW Stillwater and Traci Rearden, in which the two try to top each others' words of wisdom and inspirational mantras.

On the Podcast Edit

The first Closing Sentiment-Off occurred on episode 265: LIVE from RIOT LA, below is a complete list of the closing sentiments:

  • JW Stillwater: Keep your caviar close and your dreams closer.
  • Traci Reardon: If you wear a tophat, you're always the tallest person in the room.
  • JW Stillwater: Even a turtle falls on its back without the help of a friend.
  • Traci Reardon: If a puppy wants a home, it has to climb on top of the other puppies to get out of the box.
  • JW Stillwater: Fool a man twice, he fishes today; fool a man twice, shame on me.
  • Traci Reardon: If you're in a hot air balloon, don't look down because that's where you die.
  • JW Stillwater: You may dream big, but don't forget to big your dreams.
  • Traci Reardon: If you see a duck paddling in a circle, it's lost.
  • JW Stillwater: Don't take candy from strangers, but take strange candy from you.
  • Traci Reardon: If you've lost your tooth in the last 10 years, you're probably a kid.

The second Closing Sentiment-Off occurred on episode 283: The 5th Anniversary Show! The third occurred on 2016 Tour, Philadelphia.

Over Twitter Edit

JW Stillwater and Traci Reardon have since had a Closing Sentiment-Off over Twitter which can be viewed here.

Below is an illustrated sample of the Twitter Sentiment-Off by @theJChrisWong.

Stillwater Sentiment
Rearden Sentiment

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