Dean Unda
Number of Appearances 1
Played by Ryan Gaul
First Episode Shut the Fuck Door!
Latest Episode -

Dean Unda is a character played by Ryan Gaul. He is a retired helicopter pilot who flew helicopters over Niagara Falls for 34 years, first as a hobby, and then as a thrillseeker. He is now pitching discount space travel with Felix Heist, after Felix saved him from suicide, except he is actually holding Felix hostage after klling his mother when they met.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
407: Shut the Fuck Door! 3.14.16 Olivier & Wiliger Wronge, Stacey Keeks, Felix Heist, Margita Chelco Paul F. Tompkins, Mandell Maughan, Dan Ahdoot, Drew Tarver, Tawny Newsome, Tim Baltz

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