Doug Loves Movies was a regular segment from the beginning of Comedy Bang! Bang! (then Comedy Death-Ray Radio), when Doug Benson would call in with movie reviews.

Doug Loves Movies (the podcast) 


Episode Movie Reviews
B2 Live from SF Sketchfest!
14: An Old Fashioned Dinner

Aliens in the Attic: "Featuring Ashley Tisdales new Ashley Simpson nose" 

The Collector: "Torture, on screen and off"

13: Jimmy Pardo's Back

Orphan: "Anything that angers idiots can't be all bad"

12: The Baby's Sunglasses
11: Birthday Checks!
10: Comedy Vs. Music

Cocktail: "Tom gets tail by being a cock"

Valkyrie: "Tom Cruise tries to kill off foreign accents"

8: The New Doctor Demento

The Proposal: "I've got a proposal-see Year One instead"

Year One: "Apparantly funny wasn't invented until Year Two"

7: Double Co-Hosts

Imagine That: "Critics are calling it a movie I watched."

The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3: "The counting of sheep 1-2-SNORE."

Cinderella Story: "Midnight screenings full of pumpkins."

6: Doing Laundry with Sarah

The Darjeeling Limited: "That should have been called 'The Weird Nose Brothers.'"

Anvil: "Almost as fun as an actual anvil."

Land of the Lost: "You'll be dino-sore from laughing! Seriously, you'll die."

The Hangover: "...opposite of a chick flick--a dick flick."

5: Guest Host Jimmy Pardo 

Drag Me to Hell: "The title is accurate; it's not only hellish, it's also a drag."

4: Special Nerdist Edition

Dance Flick: "Will I see Dance Flick? No Wayans, brothers"

3: Never Date a "Brown"
2: Reggaeton Soundboard

Star Trek: "Tyler Fucking Perry"

1: Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang

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