Family Couneling
49 AS
Episode 49
Vital statistics
Release date April 16, 2010
Hosted by Scott Aukerman
Guests Adam Scott
Chris Fairbanks
Matt Walsh
June Diane Raphael
Characters James McDowell
Cathy McDowell
Damian Vast
Episode guide
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In the Thicke of the Night A Thrilling Hour or So
"Family Counseling" is episode 49 of Comedy Bang! Bang! (then Comedy Death-Ray Radio). Hosted by Scott Aukerman, it stars guests Adam Scott, Chris Fairbanks, James & Cathy McDowell (Matt Walsh & June Diane Raphael), and Damian Vast (James Pumphrey). "Family Counseling" was released on April 16, 2010.

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Earwolf SynopsisEdit

Adam Scott is a phenomenal comedic actor who proves in this episode that he’s hilarious in any medium. He somehow manages to be funny even with the tragedy that is relationship experts James and Cathy McDowell and their neglected son Damian Vast. After they’ve sufficiently bummed everyone out with their upsetting views on parenting, Chris Fairbanks comes in to close us out with some of the trademark (admin note: don’t quote me on that) wit and quickness that makes him such a great stand-up comic.



  • "Baby" by Tenacious D
  • "Penis Song (Not the Noel Coward Song)" by Monty Python
  • "My Retarded Girlfriend" by Phillipe Simondet
  • "Get Me to the Toilet" by Bloody Anal Leakage
  • "Midnight Party" by Shoddy Radio.

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