Glenn Maxx
Number of Appearances 1
Played by Brian Huskey
First Episode This Is a Safe Zone
Latest Episode -

Glenn Maxx is a character played by Brian Huskey. He is the author of a series of 15 children's books; the first is Too Tall for Maxx. While he has no children himself he is pro spanking.

Too Tall For Maxx Edit

Too Tall For Maxx

Too Tall For Maxx. Image from:

Too Tall For Maxx is a self published childrens book; it is currently only available as a fanzine.

In Chapter 1 Maxx is taken to his grandmother's house so she can go to her dermatologist appointment without being disturbed. At his grandmother's house he finds cookies.

On the podcast Maxx reads the following excerpt from Chapter 2:

Max sure wanted those cookies over on Grandma's table but old Gam-Gam's table was made for normal people. Why were there no chairs or stools in the room? Well, it wasn't for Maxx to ask because he was short. Slowly Maxx began to weep, realizing once again that his height was holding him back. So he laid on the cool kitchen floor and cried.

Tears welled up around his face as though he had been shot in the head and this was his own blood, but the blood was his own pain coming out of his face. He'd mustered up the only words that he could find in his chest: "Why can't I reach those cookies?!". He screamed and flailed on the floor. His grandmother came in and stepped over him and said, "Calm down, you're just a little bit of boy and some day you'll be a man," but Maxx knew he'd never grow more because of the pituitary gland that was stunting his own development. His doctors had struggled to rectify the issue but they couldn't. So the only thing left for Maxx to do was to lay on that floor and cry. Several hours went by. Grandma lost interest. Maxx woke up. His eyes had been sealed shut because of the tears on his face. He stumbled into the living room to find his grandma asleep.

In Chapter 3 Maxx struggles to cook himself food because everything is too high.

Appearances Edit

List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
172: This Is a Safe Zone 8.20.12 Todd Glass 


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