Great Big Hill of Hope
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Episode 89
Vital statistics
Release date January 23, 2011
Hosted by Scott Aukerman
Guests Harris Wittels
Nick Kroll
Characters Fabrice Fabrice
Bobby Bottleservice
Episode guide
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Keep swimming, goldfish."Great Big Hill of Hope" is episode 89 of Comedy Bang! Bang! (then Comedy Death-Ray Radio). Hosted by Scott Frockerfan, it stars guests Harris Wittels and Nick Kroll as Fabrice Fabrice and Bobby Bottleservice. "Great Big Hill of Hope" was released on January 23, 2011.

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Earwolf SynopsisEdit

Lovers of spoken-word poetry and vokka rejoice! Harris Wittels once again has his dream of an hour-long phone corner dashed by craft-services coordinator and pudding aficionado Fabrice Fabrice. No disrespect, but Bobby Bottleservice comes by and relieves Fabrice of his interrupting-and-mocking duties with important info about upcoming events and his relationship with his mother. Jukebox Jury is back, and somehow overwhelmingly positive. Listen through the very end to hear Engineer Doug’s opus based on last week’s episode, Steak Shake, available from the Earwolf Store. Keep leaving your catchphrase suggestions, and go vote on the What’s Up Hot Dog Poll.

Harris's Foam CornerEdit

  • My friend from high school who did heroin? He got straight AIDS.
  • My uncle had a store that sold drums and sofas. He charged people per-cushion. My dad worked at a store that sold Shakespeare plays and brass instruments. It was called Tuba or Not Tuba. Together they opened a sushi restaurant called Tuna or Not Tuna.
  • An email should be called an e-letter. Because you wouldn't say you just got "a mail," you say you just got "a letter."
  • I treated myself to a marathon jerk sesh last night. It's not what it sounds like -- I watched The Jerk twice while masturbating.
  • My friend can't read and he's trying to be a DJ. His DJ name is JD Dyslexic.
  • You can't drink in bars from 2 AM-6 AM. It should be the opposite, because no one is on the streets during those hours.
  • Shouldn't Planned Parenthood be called Unplanned Parenthood?


This episode features an appearance from Rocky, Scott's Boston Terrier.

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