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Lauren Lapkus
Number of Appearances 75
Characters Traci Rearden

Regina Crimp
Mizz Chips
Liz Mathers
Marla Charles
Ho Ho the Elf
Benjamin Susix III
Hortense Harpie
Murphy O'Malaman
Juniper Flagen
Big Sue
Mrs. Blarrr
Frank Dorito
Amanda Calzone
Natalie Scoppapoppalee
Whitney Peeps
Lisa Porsche
Harmony Moongloss
Craigory James
Pamela from Big Bear
Dinky Liddle
Carmella Pointe
Wendy Quote The Worm Endquote Widelman
The Dell Guy
Ross Geller

First Episode Friends Without Words
Latest Episode Gossip Guy

Lauren Lapkus is a frequent guest on Comedy Bang! Bang! the podcast as well as the TV show. She co-stars on the Netflix series Oranges: The New Black, as well as House of Pies and the live version House of Pies Pive. She is the guest on her own podcast on the Earwolf podcast network With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus.

Earwolf page



List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Characters Other Guests
466: Gossip Guy 1.16.17 Traci Rearden, Ross Geller, Rene Faberge Brendon Walsh, Randy Liedtke
462: Breakin’ Since the 30s 12.5.16 Wendy Quote The Worm Endquote Widelman, The Dell Guy Nick Thune, Moshe Kasher
Live from Now Hear This Festival 2016 10.28.16 Gino Lambardo, Kent Daarvilstaow, Pamela from Big Bear, Don DiMello Jason Mantzoukas, Jon Gabrus, Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Daly
451: Wishing with The Grawlix 10.17.16 Frank Dorito, Victor Diamond, Tiny, Willard "Willy" Mapleton, Jarles Ben Roy, Andrew Orvedahl, Brendon Small, Paul F. Tompkins
2016 Tour, Perth 8.29.16 John Lennon, Santa, Ho Ho the Elf Mike Hanford, Paul F. Tompkins
2016 Tour, Sydney 8.28.16 Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Traci Rearden, Calvin Redding Claudia O'Doherty, Paul F. Tompkins, Mike Hanford
2016 Tour, Melbourne 8.26.16 John Lennon, JW Stillwater, Whitney Peeps Mike Hanford, Paul F. Tompkins
2016 Tour, Brisbane 8.25.16 Todd, Cake Boss, Little Bump Paul F. Tompkins, Mike Hanford
2016 Tour, Best Of Pt. 3 8.3.16 Paul F. Tompkins
Just for Laughs Montreal 2016 7.29.16 Pamela from Big Bear, Big Chunky Bubbles, Gil Faizon, George St. Geegland Paul F. Tompkins, Nick Kroll, John Mulaney
2016 Tour, Best Of Pt. 2 7.27.16 Paul F. Tompkins
Live from Comic-Con 2016 7.22.16 Gino Lambardo, JJ and Murphy O'Malaman Jason Mantzoukas, Jon Gabrus, Thomas Middleditch
2016 Tour, Best Of Pt. 1 7.20.16 Paul F. Tompkins
2016 Tour, Vancouver 5.26.16 Ho Ho the Elf, John Lennon, Santa, Randy Snutz Dan Mangan, Mike Hanford, Paul F. Tompkins, Tim Baltz
2016 Tour, Seattle 5.25.16 Garry Marshall, Carmella Pointe, Peter Finn, Tom Boreman Paul F. Tompkins, Mike Hanford, Tim Baltz
2016 Tour, Portland Pt. 2 5.24.16 Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Pamela from Big Bear, Kyle Bennet Paul F. Tompkins, Tim Baltz
2016 Tour, Portland Pt. 1 5.24.16 Murphy O'Malaman, Big Chunky Bubbles, Don Darling Paul F. Tompkins, Tim Baltz
2016 Tour, Oakland 5.23.16 Todd, Len Wiseman, Skipp Dribbles Paul F. Tompkins, Tim Baltz
2016 Tour, Denver 5.22.16 Charles Dumpster, Frank Dorito, John Lennon Paul F. Tompkins, Mike Hanford
2016 Tour, Detroit 5.21.16 Cake Boss, Dinky Liddle, Raymond Flapper Paul F. Tompkins, Mike Hanford
2016 Tour, Chicago Pt. 2 5.20.16 Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, Whitney Peeps, Calvin Redding Paul F. Tompkins, Mike Hanford
2016 Tour, Chicago Pt. 1 5.20.16 Werner Herzog, Big Sue, John Lennon Paul F. Tompkins, Mike Hanford
2016 Tour, Minneapolis 5.19.16 JW Stillwater, Pamela from Big Bear, Ian Bean Paul F. Tompkins, Mike Hanford
2016 Tour, Austin 5.18.16 Al A. Peterson, Traci Rearden, Archie Butts Paul F. Tompkins, Mike Hanford
2016 Tour, Dallas 5.17.16 Mike the Janitor, Craigory James, John Lennon Paul F. Tompkins, Mike Hanford
2016 Tour, New York Pt. 6 5.15.16 Gino Lambardo, Chazmin, Sunny, Zach Swasson Jon Gabrus, Peter Serafinowicz, Paul F. Tompkins, Taran Killam
2016 Tour, New York Pt. 5 5.15.16 Cal Solomon, Harmony Moongloss, Fourvel Paul F. Tompkins, Bobby Moynihan
2016 Tour, New York Pt. 4 5.14.16 Regina Crimp, Sam Elliott, The Time Keeper, Lisa Porsche Paul F. Tompkins, Neil Campbell
2016 Tour, New York Pt. 3 5.14.16 Todd, John Lennon, Richard Harrow's Ghost Paul F. Tompkins, Mike Hanford
2016 Tour, New York Pt. 2 5.13.16 Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Whitney Peeps, Wally Cobb, Tommy Paul F. Tompkins, Neil Campbell, Fran Gillespie
2016 Tour, New York Pt. 1 5.13.16 Reverend Robert Parsimony, Natalie Scoppapoppalee Paul F. Tompkins, Rogue Wave
2016 Tour, Atlanta 5.11.16 Ho Ho the Elf, The Contraptionaire, Donny Gary Paul F. Tompkins, Drew Tarver
2016 Tour, Durham 5.10.16 Mike the Janitor, Amanda Calzone, Pierre Paul F. Tompkins
2016 Tour, Washington D.C. 5.9.16 Chazmin, Sunny, Scarsdale, Matilda, Devil Yeti, Salantame, Rick Faber Paul F. Tompkins, Neil Campbell
420: Todd Is Too High with Rogue Wave 5.9.16 Todd Rogue Wave, Haley Joel Osment
2016 Tour, Philadelphia 5.8.16 Traci Rearden, JW Stillwater Michelle Biloon, Paul F. Tompkins
2016 Tour, Boston Pt. 2 5.7.16 Big Sue, Werner Herzog, The Time Keeper Paul F. Tompkins, Neil Campbell
2016 Tour, Boston Pt. 1 5.7.16 Frank Dorito, Alan Thicke Paul F. Tompkins
2016 Tour, Toronto Pt. 2 5.6.16 Todd, Garry Marshall, Guy Le Biscuit Kristian Bruun, Paul F. Tompkins, Tim Baltz
2016 Tour, Toronto Pt. 1 5.5.16 Cake Boss, Mizz Chips, Nathan Hershey Paul F. Tompkins, Tim Baltz
2016 Tour, Tarrytown 5.4.16 Regina Crimp, Len Wiseman, Sir Michael Caine, Sir Sean Connery Paul F. Tompkins, Brian Stack
2016 Tour, Los Angeles 4.30.16 Werner Herzog, Big Sue, The Mailer Daemon Jason Mantzoukas, Paul F. Tompkins, Weird Al Yankovic, Nick Kroll
406: Kid Detectives II 3.7.16 JJ and Murphy O'Malaman, Todd Thomas Middleditch
397: My Silly Moss Man 1.25.16 Dimples, Mrs. Blarrr, Cody Calavera Weird Al Yankovic, Joe Wengert
394: Wisconsin Sugar Babies 1.11.16 Todd, Don Darling Zach Galifianakis, Tim Baltz
391: 2015 Holiday Spectacular 12.14.15 Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Ho Ho the Elf, Gino Lambardo, John Lennon, The Time Keeper, David Bunting Paul F. Tompkins, Jon Gabrus, Mike Hanford, Neil Campbell, Will Hines
385: The Beatles of Cults 11.9.15 Big Sue, Nancy K John Mulaney, Betsy Sodaro
377: Good Night in the Morning 9.21.15 Chazmin, Sunny, Scarsdale, Salantame, Belissima, Phil Collins Tatiana Maslany, Kristian Bruun, Paul F. Tompkins
375: Wompler's REAL 17th B-Day Womptacular 9.14.15 Marissa Wompler, Miss Listler, Traci Rearden, Seth Wompler, Eric "Gutterballs" Gutterman, Dabney, Kareem, Dr. Lionel Drioche, Queth Wompler Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, Jason Mantzoukas, Brian Huskey, Seth Morris
371: You Got PreDICted! 8.24.15 The Flagen Sisters Jemaine Clement, Stephanie Allynne, Mary Holland, Erin Whitehead
364: The Marm of Smarm Returns 7.23.15 Todd Michael Ian Black
355: Kid Detectives 6.8.15 JJ and Murphy O'Malaman Thomas Middleditch
349: The 6th Anniversary Show! 5.4.15 Ho Ho the Elf, Cake Boss, Santa, Alan Thicke, Klaus Schneider, The Time Keeper, John Lennon, Rickster, Chad Warren, Brad Hammerstone Thomas Middleditch, Neil Campbell, Mike Hanford, Paul Scheer, Paul F. Tompkins, Joe Wengert, Erin Whitehead
340: LIVE from SXSW 2015 II 3.19.15 Helen, Hannah, and Hortense Harpie, Tom Leykis Stephanie Allynne, Mary Holland,Tig NotaroJames Adomian
339: LIVE from SXSW 2015 3.16.15 Todd, Kanye West, Sylvester Stallone, El Chupacabra Colin Hanks, Nick Kroll, Horatio Sanz
338: Be My Guest, Literally! 3.9.15 Ho Ho the Elf, Werner Herzog, Jean Claude Pepi, Santa Michael Ableson, Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Daly
331: Secret Superlatives 1.26.15 Trabitha Tarteen, Benjamin Susix III Patton Oswalt, Mary Holland
326: 2014 Holiday Spectacular 12.15.14 Len Wiseman, Ian Fleming, Bjork, Tiny, Victor Diamond, Ho Ho the Elf, Orson Welles' Ghost, Logan Conley Aimee Mann, Ted Leo, Paul F. Tompkins, Brendon Small, James Adomian, Matt Besser, Matt Gourley, Neil Campbell

324: Golden Duchess Cruise Lines

12.1.14 Marla Charles, Carol Sheldon, Margie Donk, Pam John

Colin Hanks, Mary Holland, Stephanie Allynne, Erin Whitehead

Live from Festival Supreme 2014 10.25.14 Traci Rearden Adam Scott, Zach Galifianakis
312: Grounded Me@  9.22.14 Todd Andy Samberg
307: Ruth's Ross Dress for Loss 8.25.14 Regina Crimp, Russ Tenacious D (Jack Black, Kyle Gass), Joe Wengert
304: Marissa Wompler’s Six Flags Birthday Womptacular 8.11.14 Marissa Wompler, Miss ListlerTraci ReardenSeth WomplerEric "Gutterballs" GuttermanDanielle BartiromoKimmy, Katie WongDabney, KareemLiz MathersDon DiMello Jessica St. Clair, Lennon ParhamJason Mantzoukas, Brian Huskey, Melissa RauchAndy Daly
295: I Turned It On For The Dog Penis 5.19.14 Traci Rearden Alex Anfanger, Dan Schimpf
287: Stinky Chips 5.19.14 Mizz Chips Shane Torres
283: The 5th Anniversary Show! 4.28.14 Traci Rearden, Marissa Wompler, Miss Listler, The Bachelor Brothers, Mike the Janitor, Mattilda Besserina Smith Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, Jason Mantzoukas, Paul RustNeil Campbell, Paul F. Tompkins, Matt Besser
279: Reverse April Fools  3.31.14 Traci Rearden, Qthor

Patton Oswalt, Will Hines

265: LIVE from RIOT LA 1.16.14

Traci ReardenJW Stillwater

Harris WittelsPaul F. Tompkins
259: Charlotte's Website 12.2.13

Regina Crimp, Mr. G

David Alan Grier, Joe Wengert

248: Todd's Life 2.0 10.10.13 Scott's nephew Todd Eric André
218: The 4th Anniversary Extravaganza! 4.6.13

Traci Rearden, Marissa Wompler, Mike the Janitor

Jason MantzoukasDavid WainPaul Rust, Neil Campbell, Jessica St. Clair, Paul F. Tompkins

210: A Spiritual Journey 3.25.13 Traci ReardenShelby Orangina Adam Brody, Joe Wengert
202: Philip Traumatic Seymour Disorder 2.21.13 Scott's Nephew Todd, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti Nick Thune, James Adomian
182: Repeat Your Keyword 10.24.12 Diane, Arthur Steinborn Tim Heidecker, Joe Wengert
180: Friends Without Words 10.15.12 Tracy, Garry Marshall Gillian Jacobs, Paul F. Tompkins

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