Mattilda Besserina Smith
Number of Appearances 1
Characters Unknown
First Episode The 5th Anniversary Show!
Latest Episode Unknown

Mattilda Besserina Smith (full name: Mattilda Besserina Adair Bong Boy Retired Pope Smith) is a character played by Matt Besser. She is the 12-year-old president of the Matt Besser Fan Club. She was born to Matt Besser superfans and has an extensive knowledge of Matt Besser's career. For her 12th birthday, she received a Matt Besser voice transplant in order to sound as close to him as possible; all of his characters and impressions are also programmed onto the voice box.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Characters Other Guests
283: The 5th Anniversary Show! 4.28.14 Marissa Wompler, Miss Listler, Traci Rearden, The Bachelor Brothers, Mike the Janitor, JW Stillwater Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, Jason Mantzoukas, Lauren Lapkus, Paul Rust, Neil Campbell, Paul F. Tompkins

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