Musical Organs
Episode 325
Vital statistics
Release date December 8, 2014
Hosted by Scott Aukerman
Guests Skylar Astin

Rory Scovel
Pamela Murphy
Will Hines

Characters Jewel's

Markis Campbell

Episode guide
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Ding dong? Yes! Merrily? Perhaps! On high? Get real! "Musical Organs" is episode 325 of Comedy Bang! Bang!. Hosted by Scott Aukerman, it stars guests Skylar Astin, Rory Scovel, Jewel's (Pamela Murphy), and Markis Campbell (Will Hines). "Musical Organs" was released on December 8, 2014.

Official Earwolf page

Earwolf SynopsisEdit

Ground Floor stars Skylar Astin & Rory Scovel are two bros that are today's Comedy Bean Bag! Skylar, Rory, & Scott chat about the new season of TBS's Ground Floor, which songs will be in Pitch Perfect 2, and Rory's future comedy special that is in the works. Then, Scott's old buddy Jewel's stops by to try to get their band back together. Finally, librarian Markis Campbell of the Los Feliz Library shows up to tell us a little bit about the Los Feliz literacy drive and share some deep secrets.

Members of Scott & Jewel's BandEdit

  1. Scott - towel boy
  2. Jewel's - jack-in-the-box
  3. Cliver - xylophone 
  4. Neck (which is a "neck-name")
  5. Barb (who was in love with Neck) - tin can with a string attached to a stick
  6. Purse
  7. Crescent (loved to eat crescent rolls but hated the crescents from Lucky Charms) - pop can
  8. Pleuse (who was run over by a train, choked on a Pop Rock, and had the world's tiniest trachea)
  9. Trivert
  10. Dental
  11. Scloop
  12. Therendupity
  13. Ventilator
  14. Drim Draum
  15. Spyro
  16. Pooparoni
  17. Facelit
  18. Pocket Motch
  19. Danny (whose real name was Emblo)
  20. Crauwpot
  21. Lettermine
  22. Backpack Oat
  23. House Tree

Would You RatherEdit

Would you rather be shrunk down and placed into Jason Mantzoukas's beard, forced to find your way through on a quest to save a baby from David Bowie, OR live in a world where every time someone snapped into a Slim Jim the ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage would appear to grant one wish, with the catch being that all wishes had to deal with revenge? Markis Campbell is declared the winner.

List of Recurring JokesEdit

  • It's Been Awhile...
  • It's not a two-more
  • Sound effects record: Track #9 is the sound of water being poured

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