Natasha Leggero
Number of Appearances 7
Characters Maude
First Episode Four Douche Episode
Latest Episode This Is The Story of My Life

Natasha Leggero has been a guest on Comedy Bang! Bang! the podcast as well as the TV show. She is the host of the talk show Tubbin' with Tash on Jash. She is the star and creator of Another Period along with fellow guest Riki Lindhome.

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List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Characters Other Guests
528: This Is The Story of My Life 1.22.18 Kiwi Kris, Josh Fox Riki Lindhome, Zeke Nicholson, Drew Tarver
426: True Russian Facts 6.13.16 Mikhail Titscoffski Riki Lindhome, Dan Mangan, Craig Cackowski
357: Modern Anti-Comedy 6.22.15 Victor Diamond, Tiny, Mrs. Potts Jeremy Konner, Brendon Small, Betsy Sodaro
207: Live from SXSW 2013 II 3.14.13 Jesse Ventura Ken Marino, Martin Starr, Rob Huebel, Reggie WattsJames Adomian
95: Phishing for Compliments 3.7.11 King George VI

Harris WittelsMatt Besser

55: Go Rent Delgo! 5.28.10 Bob Ducca

Jason MantzoukasSeth Morris

15: Four Douche Episode 8.7.09 Bjork

Steve AgeeMatt Besser