Comedy Bang Bang regularly uses themes to introduce segments and to interrupt the show.

Would You RatherEdit

Would You Rather Theme-201:19

Would You Rather Theme-2

Would You Rather's theme (taken from The Frogs, a musical adapted by Stephen Sondheim) may not be talked over, although Scott and Paul F. Tompkins have been known to sing "Jeremy Piven" along to it.

What Am I Thinking?Edit

What Am I Thinking?05:39

What Am I Thinking?

Andrew Lloyd Webber improvised a song about a sad train, ostensibly from a production of his musical Starlight Express, over the song in Episode 76.5.

Harris's Phone CornerEdit

Reggie Watts Performs "Theme for Harris' Phone Corner"-000:59

Reggie Watts Performs "Theme for Harris' Phone Corner"-0

The theme for Harris' Foam Corner was created by Reggie Watts on Episode 84: Impotent Teamsters Unite.

Jukebox JuryEdit

Jukebox Jury-001:53

Jukebox Jury-0

Although the segment hasn't been featured on the show in some time, much to the chagrin of no one, you might actually miss hearing the calliope theme.

Plane BreakEdit

Takin' A Plane Break04:07

Takin' A Plane Break

Although it hasn't been used since the show moved from Indie 103.1's studio, the Plane Break Song is an important part of CBB history. The song was used to cover the sound of planes flying overhead and was significantly featured in Episode 109.

Motorcycle ThemeEdit

The motorcycle theme, played when a person rides by the studio on a motorcycle, is from the Japanese tokustsu television series Kamen Rider V3. Listen to the entire song on Grooveshark.

Fortunately Unfortunately Edit

The Theme Song used to introduce Fortunately Unfortunately is "Unfortunate Thing" by Culture Club.

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