Return to Suicide House
Episode 183
Vital statistics
Release date October 29, 2012
Hosted by Scott Achingman
Guests Allan McLeod

Brett Gelman
Jon Daly
James Adomian

Characters Messmore LeBaron

Bueford LeBaron
Caine Sherman
Maximilian Blanc
James Gandolfini
Christopher Hitchens
Ghost Boy
Billy Crystal
Santa Claus
Ralph McElvany
Stephen Hawking
Jim Jones
David Koresh
Christopher Walken
Robert De Niro Impersonator
Frank Caliendo
Jim Belushi
Chris Rock

Episode guide
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Repeat Your Keyword Pop and Politics
Hey, remember not to get murderered! "Return to Suicide House" is episode 183 of Comedy Fang! Fang! Hosted by Scott Achingman, it stars guests Messmore LeBaron (Brett Gelman), Bueford LeBaron (Jon Daly), Caine Sherman (Allan McLeod), Maximilian Blanc (James Adomian), James Gandolfini (Gelman), Christopher Hitchens (Adomian), Ghost Boy (McLeod), and Billy Crystal (Gelman), among others. "Return to Suicide House" was released on October 29, 2012.

Official Earwolf page

Earwolf SynopsisEdit

It looks like Scott Achingman has stumbled upon the Werewolf Studios once more to find himself inside of Suicide House with none other than the dreadful Beuford and Messmore le Barron. After some catching up, they are joined by Caine Sherman of the Historical Society to tour Suicide House and figure out if it deserves to have historical status. However, the tour is interrupted by Beuford & Messmore’s father Maximilian Blanc who reveals the many others trapped within the many doors of Suicide House. Will Suicide House get historical status? Will Ghost Boy make an appearance? Will we break a record with the Freestyle Rap Contest? You’ll have to listen to Comedy Fang Fang to find out!

Freestyle Rap ContestEdit

A 21-person freestyle rap contest occurs between Scott, Bueford LeBaron, Messmore LeBaron, Maximilian Blanc, Ghost Boy, Snagglepuss, Shaggy, Christopher Hitchens, Caine Sherman, James Gandolfini, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Ralph McElvany, Christopher Walken, Billy Crystal, Robert De Niro Impersonator, Santa Claus, Frank Caliendo, Jim Belushi, Chris Rock, and Stephen Hawking.

List of Recurring JokesEdit

  • Catchphrase suggestion: Snato

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