Reverse April Fools
Episode 279
Vital statistics
Release date March 31, 2014
Hosted by Scott Aukerman
Guests Lauren Lapkus

Patton Oswalt
Will Hines

Characters Traci Rearden


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My favorite 80's wrestler was Jack "The Snack" Roberts. One week he's dressed as a Hershey bar, the next a Pringles can. "Reverse April Fools" is episode 279 of Comedy Bang! Bang! Hosted by Scott Aukerman, it stars guests Traci Rearden (Lauren Lapkus), Patton Oswalt, and Qthor (Will Hines). "Reverse April Fools" was released on March 31, 2014.

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Earwolf SynopsisEdit

This week’s Comedy Bing Buh has Scott & co-host Traci Rearden welcome back Patton Oswalt to answer some burning questions in honor of his new special Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time. How many guns should a person own? What exactly is a reverse April Fools? Should Patton bring back his first joke? All of these questions are answered plus a new visitor from a planet far far away by the name of Qthor drops by to get some tips on living on Earth.

List of Recurring JokesEdit

  • Catchphrase suggestion: KevinZero
  • Show NamesScott has trouble with the show's name, Comedy Bing Bang.
  • "Donkey!": Scott does his impression of Shrek.
  • Do the time, do the crime: There is a discussion of a reality in which you do the time, then the crime, which is further discussed in 287: Stinky Chips.
  • "Technicality-No-Down-Boo-Over"
  • Andy Daly suicides: After Qthor jumps out the window, Scott says he hasn't seen anything like it since Don DiMello.

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