Riddle Me This is a recurring segment on Comedy Bang! Bang!. Ben Schwartz introduced this game to the show informally in 263: Hollywild, though he seems to not care for the game (and not remember "inventing" it) in 354: Solo Bolo: Dos Lo, he still doesn't like or remember the game in Solo Bolo Trolo.

The theme tune for Riddle Me This was originally Prince's "Partyman" from Batman. It was mentioned that it is actually a theme for the Joker and it would make more sense if it was a Riddler theme. After that, Scott began singing the Riddler theme a capella. The theme is now a clip from 284: A Thrilling CBB Adventure Hour of Croach the Tracker from Thrilling Adventure Hour (Mark Gagliardi) simply rapping "Riddler." In the clip, Scott comments that it is a good song.

List of Riddle Me This GamesEdit

Episode Guests
414: Hollywood Handbook Comedy! (Hollywood Edition) Sean Clements , Hayes Davenport
402: Solo Bolo Trolo Ben Schwartz
364: The Marm of Smarm Returns Michael Ian Black, Todd (Lauren Lapkus)
354: Solo Bolo: Dos Lo Ben Schwartz
332: What Winsome Said Kyle Kinane, Matt Braunger, Missy & Winsome Prejudice (Fran Gillespie & Neil Campbell)
321: Big Fat Voice Ana Gasteyer, Gino Lambardo (Jon Gabrus), Officer Jay Gutwill (Mookie Blaiklock)
315: Sandwich Therapy Ken Marino, Casey Wilson, Dr. Jerry Pensacola (Joe Wengert)
310: Little Button Puss Kevin Allison, Bridgette Murphy (Pamela Murphy), HP-DP-69B (John Gemberling)
306: Project Funway Don't Stop or We'll Die (Paul Rust, Harris Wittels, Michael Cassady)
301: They're Twins Jonah! Jonah Ray, Kumail Nanjiani, Victor Diamond & Tiny (Brendon Small)
295: I Turned It on for the Dog Penis Alex Anfanger, Dan Schimpf, Traci Rearden (Lauren Lapkus)
293: Monster Muscles Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Gino Lambardo (Jon Gabrus), R.J. Rise (Eugene Cordero)
289: The Exorcism of Cake Boss Cake Boss and Reverend Robert Parsimony (Paul F. Tompkins), H.R. Giger (Matt Gourley)
284: A Thrilling CBB Adventure Hour Marc Evan JacksonMark GagliardiPaul F. Tompkins
280: DuALity

"Weird" Al YankovicAlan Thicke (Paul F. Tompkins)

268: What Does the Fonz Say?

Jimmy PardoVoda the Gypsy (Betsy Sodaro) 

263: Hollywild

Ben SchwartzCoco Marx (Horatio Sanz)

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