Seth Morris
Number of Appearances 25
Characters Todd Wickey

Nathan Brantley
Bob Ducca
Hank Williams, Jr.
Ozzie Patinkin
Lou Ciello
Andy Pappage
Dr. Lionel Drioche
Ms. Anderson
Arnold Clem
Sebastian Yadagascar
Josh Yadegar

First Episode Comedy Vs. Music
Latest Episode Morzouksnick Interruption

Seth Morris is a frequent guest on Comedy Bang! Bang!. He has also appeared on the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show.

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List of Appearances
Episodes Release Date Characters Other Guests
511: Morzouksnick Interruption 10.2.17 Bob Ducca Nick Kroll, Jason Mantzoukas
493: King Garbage Dick 6.22.17 Liberty DeVito, Josh Yadegar Nick Kroll, Anthony King
Live from SXSW 2017, Pt. 2 3.12.17 Gino Lambardo, Lang Armstrong, Sebastian Yadagascar, This Is Your Boy Troy Jon Gabrus, Nick Kroll, Jessica McKenna
Live from SXSW 2017, Pt. 1 3.11.17 Gino Lambardo, Dagmar the Small, Arnold Clem Jon Gabrus, John Hodgman, Bob Odenkirk, Jessica McKenna
392: The Holiday Womptacular 12.17.15 Marissa Wompler, Miss Listler, Seth Wompler, Eric "Gutterballs" Gutterman, Dabney, Dr. Lionel Drioche, Ms. Anderson, Barbra Streisand, Rhonda DeLuce, Matt Yanni Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, Jason Mantzoukas, Brian Huskey, Danielle Schneider, Jon Daly
375: Wompler's REAL 17th B-Day Womptacular 9.14.15 Marissa Wompler, Miss Listler, Traci Rearden, Seth Wompler, Eric "Gutterballs" Gutterman, Dabney, Kareem, Dr. Lionel Drioche, Queth Wompler Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, Jason Mantzoukas, Lauren Lapkus, Brian Huskey
347: Foley Slumber Party 4.23.15 Andy Pappage Kevin Pollak, Nick Kroll via telephone
323: YouTube Phenomahna 11.17.14 Lou Ciello Chelsea Peretti
258: Yoke Jams  11.25.13 Bob Ducca Jimmy Pardo, Bill Callahan
234: Changing the Bandage 7.25.13 Bob Ducca Bill Hader
152: Behind the Irony Curtain 4.9.12 Dale Ed Helms
149: Live from SXSW 2012 3.19.12 Bob Ducca, Merrill Shindler Tim Heidecker, Reggie Watts, James Adomian
136: 2011 Holiday Spectacular 12.19.11 Bob Ducca, Bill Cosby-BukowskiHuell Howser, Jesse Ventura, El Chupacabra, Lil' Gary, Andrew Lloyd Webber Brett Gelman, Harris Wittels, Adam Pally, Jon Daly, James Adomian, Nick Kroll, Tom Lennon, Paul F. Tompkins
128: Coach? Coach? Coach? 10.24.11 Hank Williams, Jr. Harris Wittels, Jon Heder
113: Skanking Hayride 7.11.11 Ozzie Patinkin Bobby Moynihan
97: Can I Catch a Ride? 3.21.11 Bob Ducca Jon Hamm
Best of 2010 12.26.10 Bob Ducca, August Lindt, El Chupacabra, Huell Howser, Ice-T, Danny Glover, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Cosby-Bukowski, Garry Marshall, Frasier Fonzie, Good One Robot, Molly's Mother, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lil' Gary Paul F. Tompkins, Brett Gelman, Andy Daly, Nick Kroll, Reggie Watts, James Adomian, Jon Daly, Tig Notaro, Tom Lennon
85: That's One Way of Doing It 12.20.10 Bob Ducca, El ChupacabraCake Boss, Don DiMello Colin HanksBrett GelmanNeil Campbell, Nick Kroll, Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Daly
83: Family Matters 12.5.10 Bob Ducca Michael Ian Black
65: Welcome to Earwolf! 8.5.10 Bob Ducca Randy & Jason Sklar
55: Go Rent Delgo! 5.28.10 Bob Ducca Natasha Leggero, Jason Mantzoukas
51.5: The Party's Still Raging 4.30.10 Bob Ducca, Lil' Gary, Huell Howser, Jesse Ventura, El Chupacabra, Bobby Bottleservice Tig Notaro, Rich Fulcher, Jerry Minor, Tom Lennon, James Adomian, Nick Kroll
39: The Premiere of Bob Ducca 2.5.10 Bob Ducca Brendon Walsh, Riki Lindhome, Kate Micucci
21: Morning Becomes Oddly Racist 9.18.09 Nathan Brantley Charlyne Yi, Chris Hardwick
10: Comedy Vs. Music 7.3.09 Todd Hickey Aimee Mann, Morgan Murphy, Doug Benson

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