Shelly Driftwood
Number of Appearances 7
Played by Horatio Sanz
First Episode GoodFelines
Latest Episode Air Lift Me Out

Shelly Driftwood is a character played by Horatio Sanz. He is a book writer who wrote a book exonerating O.J. Simpson, because he actually killed Ron Goldman. He sells Porsches (but drives a 1989 Prius). He once sued Target but it was a scam and he only got $2400, even though one of his eyes now sees upside-down. He once pranked his best friend by pissing on his mom's face.


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
526: Air Lift Me Out 1.8.18 Ben Schwartz
464: A Ton More Sexy 1.2.17 Gringo Starr Ben Schwartz
419: The 7th Anniversary Show! 5.2.16 The Time Keeper, John Lennon, Olivier & Wiliger Wronge Jason Mantzoukas, Paul F. Tompkins, Neil Campbell, Mike Hanford, Tim Baltz, Drew Tarver
359: TofuPeople 6.29.15 Elaine the Dragon Kumail Nanjiani, Jonah Ray, Erin Whitehead
330: Peruvian Pullovers 1.19.15 Jim Rash
273: Vape Cod  2.24.14 Jim O'Heir
192: GoodFelines 1.7.13 Ben Schwartz