Episode 240
Vital statistics
Release date August 23, 2013
Hosted by Scott Aukerman
Guests Edgar Wright
Simon Pegg
Nick Frost
Characters Sir Michael Caine
Sir Sean Connery
Episode guide
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New Dad The Stallone Bros.
My master needs skin; I guess yours will work. "#TheWorldsEnd" is episode 240 of Comedy Bang! Bang! Hosted by Scott Aukerman, it stars guests Edgar WrightSimon PeggNick Frost, Sir Sean Connery (Frost and Pegg), and Sir Michael Caine (Pegg and Frost). "#TheWorldsEnd" was released on August 23, 2013.

Official Earwolf page

Earwolf SynopsisEdit

The trio of filmmakers from The World’s End, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost are on today’s B-B-B-B-ONUS episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! They’ll explain how the Cornetto trilogy came to be, describe some of the themes of their film “The World’s End,” and wonder what’s been going on with Austin Powers. Then, giant stars Sean Connery and Sir Michael Caine walk into the room to share their love of friendship and tell us about the important rules of acting.

Would You RatherEdit

Would you rather be able to talk to animals but just mean ones (for example, jellyfish or mosquitos) OR have the power of flight after a mandatory four-hour TSA check? Nick and Edgar are declared the winners.

List of Recurring JokesEdit

  • Catchphrase suggestion: Tayne
  • R.I.Possible?: Scott asks if either Tyne Daly or Sharon Gless is dead.

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