The Comedy Death-Ray Xmas Nativity Choir 
Comedy Death-Ray - Do They Know It's Christmas?04:27

Comedy Death-Ray - Do They Know It's Christmas?

is a collection of comedians featured on Comedy Bang Bang/Comedy Death-Ray Radio who first got together for the Comedy Death-Ray Christmas CD 2009 with proceeds going to the LA Foodbank. They released videos for versions of We Are the World and Do They Know It's Christmas?


Songs Choir
We Are the World Kurt Russell, Sarah SilvermanKevin Nealon,Laraine NewmanScott AukermanDoug BensonWeird Al YankovicTom LennonPaul ScheerKate MicucciRiki LindhomeMatt Besser  Brett GelmanJohn DalyCasey WilsonJen KirkmanNeil HamburgerNatasha LeggeroAimee MannMatt BraungerRich SommerNick ThuneBrent WeinbachChris Hardwick,  Paul F. Tompkins,  Pat FrancisKumail NanjianiJimmy PardoMaria BamfordChris FairbanksBrody StevensDragon Boy Suede.
Do They Know It's Christmas? Paul F. TompkinsR.O. ManseTig NotaroRob HuebelPatton OswaltMike PhirmanJimmy PardoBrian PosehnScott AukermanRiki LindhomeKate MicucciAimee MannChris HardwickPaul ScheerJune Diane RaphaelDoug BensonMary Lynn RajskubNick ThuneWeird Al YankovicDragon Boy SuedeNatasha Leggero and, Tom Lennon and Ed Helms as David Bowie and Mick Jagger

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