Todd Glass
Number of Appearances 11
First Episode Did Somebody Sit on a Duck?
Latest Episode Atmosphere Bully
Todd Glass has been a guest on Comedy Bang! Bang!. He has also appeared on Comedy Bang! Bang! the TV show. He is the host of his own podcast The Todd Glass Show and he can be heard as one of the co-hosts with Jimmy Dore and Stefane Zamorano on archived episodes of Comedy and Everything Else.

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In Todd's appearance at the 2013 Montreal Just for Laughs episode, he admits that he loves it when audiences spontaneously sing to him. This prompts Scott to improvise a song for Todd:

"Todd Glass is a very funny fellow, he is our very favorite comedian."


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Characters Other Guests
531: Atmosphere Bully 2.11.18 Winston Churchill, Becky James Adomian, Nicole Byer
440: Pop-TarTender 8.15.16 Gino Lambardo, LaMary Jon Gabrus, Matt Besser
290: Shed Busting 6.2.14 George W. Bush, Paul Giamatti, Merrill Shindler, Jesse Ventura James Adomian
251: The Bed Spoiler 10.24.13 Amber Tamblyn
Just for Laughs Montreal 2013, Pt. 2 7.26.13 Ronna Glickman, Beverly Ginsberg Andy Kindler, Jessica Chaffin, Jamie Denbo
172: This Is a Safe Zone 8.20.12 Glenn Maxx Brian Huskey
143: Grammy Spectacular 2.6.12 Liza Minnelli "Weird Al" Yankovic, Amy Phillips
116: When I Go to Queens... 8.1.11 Marissa Wompler Jessica St. Clair
59: Free Subarus for Moms! 6.25.10 August Lindt Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Daly
37: Exclusive Prince Interview 1.22.10 Sarah Silverman, Hannibal Buress
28: Did Somebody Sit on a Duck? 11.6.09 Bill Cosby Paul F. Tompkins, Jon Daly