Tom Jimson
Number of Appearances 1
Played by John Gemberling
First Episode Most Multiple Personalities
Latest Episode

Tom Jimson is a character played by John Gemberling. He is a man with multiple personality disorder who is reputed to have the record for the most multiple personalities.

Alternate personalitiesEdit

His many personalities include:

  • Debra, project manager for Janet's Granites
  • Barbara, owner of Babs' Slabs
  • Orville, owner of Orville's Marbles
  • Stephen, a Frenchman
  • Clem, a prospector in the Black Hills in 1892
  • A newborn baby
  • A giant Miyazaki baby who lives in a Cloud Castle
  • Ralphie Tiberioid, an Englishman born in Kensington
  • Tony, an Italian man in 2002
  • Rachel, a prostitute
  • Chestnut (aka Chester or "Chest"), a horse


List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Other Characters Guests
387: Most Multiple Personalities 11.19.15 Delna John Grant, Jocelyn DeBoer

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