Top of the Schaal to You!
Episode 216
Vital statistics
Release date April 29, 2013
Hosted by Scott Aukerman
Guests Kristen Schaal

Neil Campbell
Michaela Watkins

Characters Representative Buford Dorsey

Dr. Sherri Levine

Episode guide
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Time Bobby 2 The WTF Hour
You know what they say: you can't get a fistful of ants with an acid-covered hand. "Top of the Schaal to You!" is episode 216 of Comedy Bang! Bang! Hosted by Scott Aukerman, it stars guests Kristen Schaal, Representative Buford Dorsey (Neil Campbell), and Dr. Sherri Levine (Michaela Watkins). "Top of the Schaal to You!" was released on April 29, 2013.

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Earwolf SynopsisEdit

Most people would say that Kristen Schaal sparked a ton of controversy on her last Comedy Bang Bang appearance, we at CBB can neither confirm or deny this (it totally did). Co-host/licensed therapist Dr. Sherri Levine joins us to discuss which actors are delusional, vagina shame, and to listen to a special mash-up of a voicemail from Kristen’s mom & a certain joke her mom didn’t approve of. Representative of Georgia Buford Dorsey then stops by to share some tips he picked up over the years on how to conduct your life and to play game of Would You Rather!

Would You RatherEdit

Would you rather eat Randy Jackson's turds OR eat Paul Simon's turds?

Representative Buford Dorsey is declared the winner.

List of Recurring JokesEdit

  • Catchphrase suggestion: whostolemycat
  • Hollywood Days
  • iPad, iPhone, I don't know anymore!
  • Google it using Bing

Plugs sectionEdit

Plugs theme: "I Know You Got Your Plugs" by alexa_polasky

Kristen plugs her standup shows and the Bob's Burgers tour. Dr. Sherri Levine plugs her book, I Know What You're Thinking - Don't Worry About It and an upcoming movie based on her life. Representative Buford Dorsey takes his plugs time to ask his fellow representatives to vote against HR 1163.


It is revealed that Scott's safe place is a giant safe that he can crawl into, and can only be opened by skilled robbers and the bank manager (Dr. Horace Ancillary). 

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