"Weird Al" Yankovic
Number of Appearances 16
First Episode The New Doctor Demento
Latest Episode Persons of Interest
"Weird Al" Yankovic has been a guest on Comedy Bang! Bang! the podcast as well as the TV show, for which he acted as bandleader in its fifth season.

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List of Appearances
Episode Release Date Characters Other Guests
460: Persons of Interest 11.28.16 Detective James P. Garetty, Kole Kringle, David Ryan Gaul, Jeremy Rowley, Drew Tarver
452: Pow! Pow! Power Wheels! 10.24.16 Beth Claudia O'Doherty, Jessica McKenna
424: Almost Parasites 5.30.16 Greg Kerns, Crap Pollo Kate Berlant, Drew Tarver
2016 Tour, Los Angeles 4.30.16 Werner Herzog, Big Sue, The Mailer Daemon Jason Mantzoukas, Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus, Nick Kroll
397: My Silly Moss Man 1.25.16 Dimples, Mrs. Blarrr, Cody Calavera Lauren Lapkus, Joe Wengert
337: The Ying and the Yankovic 3.2.15 Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Doug Doyzoice Paul F. Tompkins, Joe Wengert
299: Don't Hack the SAC 7.15.14 Claudia O'Doherty
280: DuALity  4.7.14 Alan Thicke Paul F. Tompkins
203: The Vicar of Yanks 2.25.13 Andrew Lloyd Webber Paul F. Tompkins
Best of 2012 Pt. 2 12.31.12 Paul F. Tompkins
143: Grammy Spectacular 2.6.12 Liza Minnelli Todd Glass, Amy Phillips
112: Since You've Been Gone 7.5.11 Andrew Lloyd Webber Paul F. Tompkins
91: Garry Marshall Presents 2.7.11 Garry Marshall Tom Scharpling, Paul F. Tompkins
53: A Cover of a Parody 5.14.10 Riki Lindhome, Kate Micucci
23: Guest Host Paul F. Tompkins 10.2.09 Tig Notaro, Paul F. Tompkins (GUEST HOST)
8: The New Doctor Demento 6.19.09 Paul Scheer, Doug Benson

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