What Am I Thinking? is a recurring segment on Comedy Bang! Bang!.

The game is played by two players at a time. Each player thinks of a separate word (any word/phrase in the English language). They then count down from 3 and say the word out loud at the same time. Most likely the words will be totally different. They then try to think of the compromise word somewhere between those two words and then say that word until eventually both players say the same word. Players lose if they hesitate by not saying a word or by trying to repeat the word their opponent is saying.


The theme song is "Evil" by the Flaming Lips.

What Am I Thinking?05:39

What Am I Thinking?

What Am I Thinking? theme.

List of What Am I Thinking GamesEdit

Episode Winner
402: Solo Bolo Trolo
312: Grounded Me@
223: Roll Over, Seth Rogen
164: Clifton Was Here
159: Apicklelypse
154: Finger Guns
144: Clones and Oliver Stones
132: Occupy Thanksgiving David Wain / Scott Aukerman (different matches)
130: Tall Napoleon Jenny Slate AND Elizabeth Laime
128: Coach? Coach? Coach?
124: Bro-ing Out Pt. Deux
121: Bro-ing Out Scott Aukerman and Jimmy Pardo are declared co-winners for an unlikely match.
116: When I Go to Queens... Scott Aukerman
115: The Plug-In Drug
110: Thumbs Yes!
108: Pussy CPR
105: Comedy Is Honey
97: Can I Catch a Ride?
92: How's Your Boner? Andy Richter
90: Is This Sexual Harassment?
84: Impotent Teamsters Unite Harris Wittels AND Reggie Watts
81: Todd Barry Vs. Borders
79: Who'd Fuck Tom Brady?
78: Poundin' Puss in Heaven
76.5: Don't Cry Rolling Skate Train Andrew Lloyd Webber
69: I Am Not Food Kumail Nanjiani
55: Go Rent Delgo!
28: Did Somebody Sit on a Duck? Scott Aukerman

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